Silicon Nitride Sharp (SNS) AFM probes consist of a silicon nitride cantilever with low stiffness and a sharp silicon integrated tip. They were specially designed for AFM topography imaging of soft biological samples in liquid environment. Their features, listed below, were optimized for high-quality scans acquisition:

  • Silicon nitride cantilever has both respectively high resonance and small force constant in the same time. Due to this combination SNS22 probes can be used for both contact and tapping modes in liquid;
  • Silicon tip is sharpened to have typical curvature radius 6 nm. Such a sharp tip can get AFM scans of high resolution;
  • A silicon pad, which holds a tip, is specially designed to increase laser reflectivity without metal coating in liquid medium;
  • SNS22 probes are supplied with no reflection side coating to avoid thermal drift due to the bimorf effect. It increases imaging speed as the one doesn't need to wait for cantilever's stabilization in the liquid solution;
  • Under request a tip can be coated with conductive material for electrical measurements;
  • Under request a tip can be functionalized to be hydrophilic or hydrophobic.


                                                Tip Specifications
Material Silicon
Height (μm) 3.5
ROC (nm) < 10
Shape Pyramid
Metal Coating None


Cantilever Specifications
Material Silicon Nitride
Shape V-Shape
Reflex Side Coating Au




Cantilever length, L±10µm

Cantilever width, W±5µm

Cantilever thickness,

T±0.025 µm

Resonant frequency, kHz

Force constant, N/m

min typical max min typical max
Lever A 100 13.5 0.5 40 69 98 0.05 0.3 0.55
Lever B 200 28 0.5 10 17 27 0.02 0.06 0.11
Lever C 100 13.5 0.5 40 69 98 0.05 0.3 0.55
Lever D 200 28 0.5 10 17 27 0.02 0.06 0.11


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