Silicon Nitride Tall (SNT) AFM probes will suit well when standard tip's height is not enough for imaging tall biological objects. Both tip and cantilever are made of silicon nitride material. These probes are compatible with most of commercial SPM/AFM instruments. The following features make these probes unique for biological applications:

  •  Extra Tall Tip With High Aspect Ratio: Reduced artifacts when imaging tall biological features;
  •  A silicon pad, which holds a tip, is specially designed to increase laser reflectivity without metal coating in liquid medium;
  •  SNT22 probes are supplied with no reflection side coating to avoid thermal drift due to the bimorf effect. It increases imaging speed as the one doesn't need to wait for cantilever's stabilization in the liquid solution;
  • Under request a tip can be coated with conductive material for electrical measurements.

                                                Tip Specifications
Material Silicon Nitride on Si
Height (μm) 14 - 16
ROC (nm) <30
Shape Tetrahedral
Included Angle 15°
Metal Coating None


Cantilever Specifications
Material Silicon Nitride
Shape V-Shape
Reflex Side Coating Ti (8nm) /Au (35nm )




Cantilever length, L±10µm

Cantilever width, W±2µm

Cantilever thickness,

T±0.05 µm

Resonant frequency, kHz

Force constant, N/m

min typical max min typical max
Lever A 105 15 0.55 27 37 51 0.08 0.162 0.321
Lever B 205 20 0.55 10 12 15 0.017 0.029 0.048
Lever C 105 22 0.55 30 41 55 0.123 0.237 0.453
Lever D 205 40 0.55 12 13 16 0.041 0.058 0.092





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